Just like any other car system, air-conditioning needs to be inspected and serviced regularly to keep it operating at peak efficiency. Annual inspections are recommended to ensure your air-conditioning is in good working order and to spot any potential issues before they become significant.


Importance of annual services

Air-conditioning systems are made up of various components, from compressor bearings to evaporator coils. Having the whole system checked at least once per year will give you peace of mind that everything is working as it should and that you are not wasting energy.

Routine servicing is the best preventive measure for keeping your air-conditioning in peak working order, rather than waiting for problems to develop, by which time components may already be damaged beyond repair.

What’s involved?

During an air-conditioning service, your technician will check for optimal pressure in every part of the system, as well as checking the quality of the refrigerant, the function of controls and valves and inspecting hoses and seals for leaks. Once the components have all been checked and any problems dealt with, the system will be vacuumed to remove all traces of moisture, and new refrigerant and lubricant installed.

Fixing air-conditioning problems

If you notice unusual smells, sounds or fluctuating temperatures when using your AC, you should arrange a check-up even if your annual service is not yet due. There are many types of issues that can affect the operation of air-conditioning, such as leaks, electrical faults and the build-up of bacteria and mould, which is why repairs should always be done by experienced specialists.

Automotive air-conditioning repair in Brisbane

If your car air-conditioning is experiencing problems or is due for a check-up, contact Mr Coolon 07 3188 4348 to schedule same-day services and repairs.