Automotive Air Conditioning Services

Get your A/C running cool before the summer

31 Point Service & Re-Gas

Our 31 point service and re-gas costs $150 and includes inspections in the engine bay, vehicle interior and full A/C system check.

Bactigas Treatment

If you have an unpleasant odour coming through your A/C vents, a Bactigas Treatment will regain that new car smell.

Compressor Replacement

An automotive compressor can fail for a number of reasons but when it does there are no shortcuts to fixing your system.

Evaporator Replacement

Evaporators can leak due to internal and external corrosion, and in this event they must be replaced.

Condenser Replacement

During A/C servicing we will clean your condenser and also inspect it for leaks. In the event it leaks, it will need to be replaced.

Custom Hose Manufacturing

We are able to manufacture new hoses using our state of the art equipment, often at a fraction of the cost of a factory part.

Drain Tube Clearing

The drain tube is tasked with removing the large amounts of moisture/water removed from the air in your cabin. This drain tube can block up with dirt or leaf debris.


If you have a pre-1997 vehicle you might need a retrofit. This involves changing the system filter, o-rings and oil to be compatible with the new refrigerant.

Compressor Remanufacturing

Our company has a long history in compressor remanufacturing and we have many certifications in this field from leading industry manufacturers.

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