31 Point Service & Re-Gas

Mr Cool’s 31 Point Service & Re-Gas

Our 31 point service and re-gas costs $195 (R134a only) and includes inspections in the engine bay, vehicle interior and full A/C system check. To do this we use our speciality A/C refrigerant recovery stations to weigh the refrigerant gas from your system and check that your loss of refrigerant is less than the acceptable 10-20 grams per year. We then vacuum your system to boil off any moisture that might have naturally ingressed into the system. Moisture is a system killer as it leads to corrosion so this step is very important! Finally we can recharge your system with oil and refrigerant to the manufacturers specified level.

Note: It is poor practice and against the law to re-gas any automotive A/C system with a known leak; it is therefore our policy to thoroughly inspect and leak test every vehicle before adding refrigerant gas R134a to the system.