Like a big old grizzly bear, your cars A/C has probably been in hibernation over the winter months, and is now slowly coming out of its peaceful slumber. Unlike a grizzly though, your A/C isn’t really designed to go for months on end without being used. But why? Well, the seals that keep all that refrigerant goodness locked inside your A/C system are made of rubber, which is prone to drying out and cracking if not used for a period of time. So if you’ve gone to use your A/C of late and found that it’s suddenly not as frosty as it was coming into winter, you may have a leak somewhere which will need to be fixed ASAP.


On the other hand your A/C might be humming away happier than ever, which means it’s the perfect time for an A/C service. It may surprise you to find that the annual service you get from your mechanic generally doesn’t include an A/C service. Servicing your A/C annually is a great way of ensuring the system is working effectively and efficiently, and will see you through summer after summer. There are many different things that can go wrong on an A/C system, and the cost of a repair is often upward of $1000. A common problem is that the system has lost all its refrigerant due to a leak (refer back to paragraph 1), and the compressor which is responsible for pumping refrigerant is now running dry and will eventually burn out. As part of an A/C service, our technicians here at Mr Cool will inspect the system for any leaks and ensure it’s charged with the correct amount of gas as to prevent any major system failures.