Have you noticed a funky smell funking up the car when you turn the A/C on? Odds are if you have, your passengers have too! It’s not uncommon for mould and bacteria to accumulate in your A/C system, particularly if your car has sat idle for some time, perhaps when you’ve gone away on holiday. Here at Mr Cool we offer a Bactigas treatment to kill off any unwanted bacteria in the system, and for a really funky smell would recommend changing the filters and cleaning the evaporator (this is where water often condenses, encouraging growth of bacteria). Before turning your car in for a full autopsy however, you may want to try a few quick and easy tricks of the trade at home!

First you can try using an antibacterial odour treatment (which can be found at any auto accessories retailer) to help combat a bad smell. These usually come as a spray or a foam and are designed to kill that funky smell at the source by spraying directly into the air vents (on either the interior or exterior of the car, depending on the type).  This method is easy and cost effective, just be sure to always read the instructions first.

If that doesn’t work, it may be time to get your hands dirty!  Open the bonnet of your car, if you see built up dirt of leaf litter, get in there and dig it out. Leaf litter can be a big problem as it not only blocks the vents but tends to hold moisture, which leads to mould and bacteria. If you park under a tree your car may be especially prone to this sort of funky problem.

You may find that even after you’ve removed the problem, the smell can still linger in the upholstery of the car. This can be easily fixed with some shampoo and muscle power! Like the odour treatment, there are a few different types of shampoo, so pick the one that’s best for your car and read the instructions carefully before applying.

Good luck de-funking!