An integral part of keeping the cool, fresh air coming through your vents and saving you from death by interior-automotive-heatwave is none other than your cabin air filter. Wow! That sounds pretty important! And it is. Your cabin air filter does exactly what the name suggests, filters the air to your cabin by removing carbon from exhaust gases, dust and allergens, keeping the inside of your car feeling fresh! How fresh? Real fresh! That is of course, if you’ve taken care of your cabin air filter over the years with a little love and regular check-ups. With all this sunshine and pollen in the air, it’s all too easy for some of that summer goodness to seep into your cabin and make what would have been an enjoyable car ride into an eye watering, sniffling, sneezing fiasco.

How can we stop that from happening!? By booking your car into Mr Cool Automotive for a free check over and quote of course! One of our experienced technicians will determine if your filter has been accumulating dirt a little too long and needs changing. If that’s the case, we’ll simply take the old one out, put a new one in and have it all done and dusted before you can reach for your next box of Kleenex!

Frosty Fact:¬†Back in the day before automotive air conditioning, before cabin air filters and before smartphones (wait, there was a time without smartphones?) people used to wear dusters when riding in their automobiles (commonly referred to as cars for anyone born post dial up internet). Dusters were long oversized white coats, traditionally fashioned from oilcloth and worn to protect one’s clothing from dust and dirt when taking the old girl for a spin around the block on a Saturday night. Fortunately, dusters are a thing of the past! Thanks to our dear friend, the one who does so much and asks for so little, the cabin air filter! Without whom, we would all still be driving around wearing ill-fitting coats and covered in crud.