Learning the most common reasons why car air-conditioning stops working will make you better prepared if you notice unusual smells or sounds coming from your cooling system.


1. Coolant or refrigerant leaks

The most common source of air-conditioning problems is a leak in the sealed system, especially in older cars. A leaking seal or hose can be difficult to spot visually, and getting your gas charge checked and system serviced once a year is the best way to identify any leaks present in the hoses and seals. Picking up a leak early can save you costly repairs that would occur if the leak went unnoticed.


2. Faulty compressor

If your air conditioner produces loud noises when activated, this can be due to a faulty compressor, using the wrong type of compressor lubricant or an issue with refrigerant pressure. When you have determined that the noise is not coming from the engine, have your compressor checked by a professional technician, as it may need to be replaced.


3. Faulty thermostat

Uneven temperatures in the cabin are often the result of a faulty thermostat, meaning the component will need to be replaced. If you have a manual air conditioner, fluctuating temperatures could also be due to a faulty control switch, temperature sensor, pressure cut-out switch or compressor clutch.


4. Faulty Electronics

As manufactures continue to incorporate more and more electronics into the air-conditioning system for the purpose of increased performance and passenger comfort, the scope of air-conditioning repairs increases. Your air-conditioning system could be mechanically perfect and full of gas but still not operate due to an electrical fault. If you experience a sudden loss in cooling, your car could have an electrical fault.


5. Bacteria

If you notice bad smells when you use the air-conditioning, this is likely due to a build-up of bacteria or mould and mildew in the evaporator coils. This can be easily cleaned out by professional technicians.


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