As September rolls around, you notice a subtle change in the breeze, the flowers start to bloom, you walk outside and the warmth of the sun hits your face, what a great day to take a drive. You unlock the door, get in the car and BAM! You might as well be sitting just a light year away from the sun! And what’s that? Your air conditioning has been broken since the start of winter but it’s been so cold it hasn’t mattered until now!? Well it just so happens you’re in luck.

The team at Mr Cool Automotive is passionate about getting your car back to its original, frosty self. Give us a call and book in for a free quote, we’ll tell you what’s wrong with your A/C, what needs to be fixed and how we’re going to fix it. Ninety-nine percent of the time we’ll have it all done in the same day, so you’ll be driving home, cool as an eskimo eating a paddle pop in no time.

Frosty fact: You may have heard the term, “it just needs a re-gas” thrown around when talking about your lack of A/C. Yes, refrigerant gas is an important component of your A/C system, and if your stocks are low it will need to be topped up, but it also means that you’ve got a leak. To simply refill the tank would be like trying to fill up a bath with no plug, it’ll work for a while but will ultimately cost you more time and money. Not only is leaking all this gas into the atmosphere terrible for us and the planet, but it’s also illegal to put more gas in without fixing the leak. Yikes! Make your good deed for the day booking in with Mr Cool, and one of our technicians will give your car some much deserved TLC. You’ll be doing yourself, your car and the world a big favour!