When was the last time your car’s air conditioning system was serviced? If there’s an Australian city where it’s vital to have a car air conditioner, Brisbane has to be the one! In this sultry climate we rely on an effective car air conditioning system to keep us cucumber-cool, and if you want to be sure of an efficient, reliable cooling system it’s important to schedule regular professional maintenance.

Your car’s air conditioning works on the same principles as other cooling systems like fridges and room air conditioners, with a cyclical process of extracting warm air from the interior of the car and replacing it with cooler air. To achieve cooling, the car’s engine provides power that circulates refrigerant through a closed loop system of tubing running through the engine compartment and interior of the car.

Like all the parts of your car, the air conditioning system is subject to wear and tear and automotive engineers recommend servicing every twelve months. Servicing the system involves attention to its two most important components: the refrigerant and the filter.

Over time the refrigerant gas circulated through a car’s air conditioning system absorbs moisture and air, and is depleted by small losses through evaporation and leakage. Replacement involves evacuating the system and refilling with fresh, clean refrigerant.

A filter/receiver/drier is a vital part of the air conditioning system that collects contaminating material, like moisture, hairs, lint or dust particles, all of which are likely to cause corrosion and other damage if they get into the system. The filter/receiver/drier should be replaced at regular intervals – every two years is recommended for most types of car, or sooner if the system has been exposed to the atmosphere.

By scheduling regular annual maintenance of your car’s air conditioning system you’ll keep it working effectively. Don’t delay servicing until there are strange noises or odd smells coming from the system or – even worse – it stops functioning altogether. If you need a major car air conditioning repair, Brisbane specialist Mr Cool can help.

Mr Cool’s comprehensive annual maintenance service involves a 31 point check of a car’s air conditioning system. As well as completely degassing and recharging of the refrigerant the service includes a free Bactigas treatment, normally valued at $18.00. Bacitgas is an antibacterial treatment to sanitise the system’s evaporator unit, helping to remove moulds and other microorganisms that can grow in the system’s evaporator unit and cause unpleasant odours to be vented into the car.

Mr Cool’s staff of highly trained and accredited technicians offer the most professional car air conditioning service in Brisbane. Our workshop is located close to the Brisbane CBD and is open between 7.30 am and 5.00pm, so you can drop off your car on your way to work and collect it on your way home. Don’t take your car’s air conditioning system for granted: contact Mr Cool now to book your next service.