How good does it feel to step into a cool, fresh- smelling car on a hot, muggy day?  It’s easy to forget how much we have come to depend on the car air conditioner.  Brisbane, with its humid climate, calls for an efficient and reliable air conditioning system to keep you and your passengers comfortable.

Your car’s air conditioner is quite a complex system and most automotive engineers and car manufacturers recommend servicing of the air conditioning system at least every twelve months.  This is specialised work and should be carried out in an equipped vehicle workshop by technicians who are licensed to install service and repair air conditioning equipment.

Between scheduled services there are a few things that you can do to help maintain your car’s air conditioning system:

Consult the car’s owner manual for recommendations about operating the air conditioning system during cold weather.  Some manufacturers recommend that you run the system for about ten minutes each month.  This ensures that oil contained in the refrigerant is circulated through the system’s pipes and moving parts, keeping the compressor lubricated and helping the hoses and seals to stay moist and leak-free.

Watch for signs that the cooling system is working less efficiently than usual. Insufficient cool air being vented into the car may be an indication of various faults such as refrigerant leakage, a loose drive belt, a blocked expansion valve, or a malfunctioning car air conditioning compressor.  Brisbane automotive air conditioning specialist Mr Cool can diagnose these faults promptly.

Keep your ears tuned for any odd sounds coming from the air conditioner.  These noises may be symptoms of a mechanical problem, possibly in the compressor, and should be referred to an expert who can diagnose and repair any fault before other components are damaged.
Sniff out any unusual odour in the car’s interior.  If it starts to smell musty, it may be because air being circulated has become contaminated by bacterial or fungal growths. These can thrive in the warm, moist environment of the system’s evaporator unit.  The tainted air smells unpleasant and may harm the health of passengers with asthmatic or allergic conditions.  Application of a sanitizing agent can protect you and your passengers by removing bacteria and inhibiting regrowth. Bactigas used at Mr Cool’s workshop is a natural antiseptic gas based on tea tree oil that removes contamination and leaves your car smelling clean and fresh.

If you keep alert to signs of potential faults you can arrange for prompt attention by a licensed mechanic.  Whether you need repair work or want to book your next annual car air conditioning service, Brisbane specialist Mr Cool and his staff are there to do a professional job.