Stay cool on summer road trips and keep your passengers comfortable and healthy by parking in the shade, using solar-powered fans and making sure your air-conditioning is in good working order.

1. Park in the shade

However long you are stopping the car for whether you’re parking overnight or just making a quick stop for refreshments parking in a shaded area will keep direct sunlight off your vehicle, avoiding overheating and preventing upholstery from fading.

2. Sunshades

If there are no shaded parking spots available, carrying sunshades or window visors will offer convenient protection from the sun when your car is parked. These shades fit neatly into window spaces and are designed for front and rear windows.

3. Crack open the windows

Leaving your windows slightly open when the car is parked helps to remove hot air from the cabin and to circulate fresh air inside the vehicle. You should ensure that the crack is only small; otherwise your car will be at risk of a break-in.

4. Solar fans

Solar-powered fans are an eco-friendly and practical option for staying cool when the car is in motion, especially when windows are open for ventilation. These fans are available in a range of sizes, from small portable units to larger fans that can cool the entire cabin.

5. Air-conditioning

The vast majority of cars produced today include air-conditioning as standard, which is the most efficient way of cooling vehicles all year round. Having your air-conditioning serviced at least once per year will ensure the system is operating at maximum efficiency, so it won’t let you down on your summer road trip.

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