Car air-conditioning systems are not entirely maintenance free, and should be serviced every year to make sure they are operating as efficiently as possible. Having your car air conditioning gas levelled weighed and checked against the manufactures specification using a speciality reclaim machine will allow the technician to determine if there is a leak in the system and repairs required. Further having the system re-gassed with fresh refrigerant to the correct level will ensure peak performance all summer long.

Why re-gas?

Air conditioners are designed to be super-efficient, and are completely sealed system, but even the most advanced systems can lose refrigerant over time. On average, car AC systems lose 5 per cent of their refrigerant every year, which reduces their ability to maintain cold temperatures for the driver and for the longevity of mechanical components in the system. To avoid discomfort when driving in the hotter months of the year have your system serviced and re-gassed as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

Re-gas schedule

If you drive a new car, you will not normally need to re-gas your air conditioner for several years. If your car is a few years old however, it’s recommended to schedule a service and re-gas every 12 months and a filter change, service and re-gas every 24 months.

What’s involved?

Air conditioner re-gassing should only be carried out by professional technicians, otherwise you risk damaging the system or invalidating your warranty. The process involves flushing all refrigerant from the system, testing each part for leaks and finally re-filling and re-pressurising the air conditioner. The process normally takes around one to two hours, though the time can vary for different vehicles.

Air-conditioning repair in Brisbane

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