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Automotive A/C Retrofitting

If you have a vehicle that was manufactured before 1997 and have never had the A/C looked at, there is a good chance the system is set up to run on refrigerant gas R12, which is no longer available due to its ozone depleting potential. But not to worry, we can help! A retrofit involves changing the system filter, o-rings and oil to be compatible with the new refrigerant (and might be cheaper than you think!). If you'd like to enquire about retrofitting, please give us a call and we'll inspect your vehicle on a day that suits you.

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The main causes of weak airflow

May 18 2016
If your car's air-conditioning is not performing at it's best, having the system checked sooner rather than later will mean less discomfort and less expense. There are several common reasons for weak airflow in AC systems, some of which can be fixed at home and others that require the expertise of professional technicians. Mould and ...
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