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Automotive A/C Drain Tube Clearing

The drain tube is located below the evaporator and is tasked with removing the large amounts of moisture/water removed from the air in your cabin. This drain tube can block up with dirt or leaf debris that has worked its way into your evaporator box, stopping the water from escaping out the drain tube and no doubt ending up on the floor of your car! This can be a simple fix if your evaporator is relatively clean, or it can be a big problem if your evaporator box is filled with debris! If you've noticed the floor of your car is damp or saturated, let us take a look and we'll let you know what can be done to fix it!

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The main causes of weak airflow

May 18 2016
If your car's air-conditioning is not performing at it's best, having the system checked sooner rather than later will mean less discomfort and less expense. There are several common reasons for weak airflow in AC systems, some of which can be fixed at home and others that require the expertise of professional technicians. Mould and ...
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