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Automotive A/C Bactigas Treatment

If you have an unpleasant odour coming through your A/C vents, our Bactigas Treatment is the perfect solution to regain that new car smell without the need to get your hands dirty. The evaporator, located inside your vehicle cabin and behind the dash is responsible for removing the heat and moisture in your cabin, providing the cooling effect. When you stop your vehicle the evaporator is still filled with moisture and the dust from the air, and when left to sit it can develop a bacteria that causes bad smells and odours. Our odour treatments vary depending on the level of smell, but in most cases can be easily cured with a hospital grade bacterial treatment being atomized through the evaporator, a process that is simple and cost effective!

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The main causes of weak airflow

May 18 2016
If your car's air-conditioning is not performing at it's best, having the system checked sooner rather than later will mean less discomfort and less expense. There are several common reasons for weak airflow in AC systems, some of which can be fixed at home and others that require the expertise of professional technicians. Mould and ...
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